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bill bissett

bill bissett ran Blew Ointment Press and was a major figure in Canadian modernist poetry. In 1977 his poetry, which often included homoerotic imagery, came under attack by parliamentarians and they attempted to cut his funding. bissett and his publisher Talonbooks began a campaign of successful benefits featuring poets like Margaret Atwood and Allen Ginsberg to combat these parliamentarians. bissett and Talonbooks launched a lawsuit against eight Conservative MPs and seven newspapers for charges of libel and violation of copyright (for printing excerpts of bissett’s poetry without permission).

Names bill bissett (Main) BE [n76.13]
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Birth Date 1939/11
Birth Place Halifax
Identities Canadian
BG [n77.319]

BG [Chris Jennings, “bill bissett,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, 31 August 2011,]

Occupations Artist
[1984] - [2008]

[1965] - [2011]


Associated People
1961 - 1967
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Associated Organizations Organization: Talonbooks (Author)

BCE [n78.399]