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Bud Cullen

Jack Cullen (also known as Bud) was the Minister of Employment and Immigration. On Nov. 24, 1976 he introduced a bill that removed homosexuals from the old Immigration Act, which had formally barred the immigration of open homosexuals to Canada.

Names Bud Cullen (Main) BE [n76.219] Jack Sydney George Cullen (altName)

B [ (]

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Birth Date 1927/04/20
Birth Place Creighton Mine
Death Date 2005/07/05
Occupations Minister of Employment and Immigration Government
1977/08/15 - 1979/06/03

Minister of Manpower and Immigration Government
1976/09/14 - 1977/08/14

Minister of National Revenue Government
1975/09/26 - 1976/09/13

Associated Organizations Organization: Liberal Party of Canada (Member)

Organization: Ministry of Employment and Immigration (Member)

BCE [n76.219]