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Dan Reardon

D.R. Reardon was one of the coordinators of the Gay Helpline called Speak Easy. He also founded the Moose Jaw Gay Community Centre, with the hope of creating a coffee house where local gays and lesbians could socialize. He had discussed this vision with Moose Jaw Mayor Herb Taylor and said he would apply for a $4000 grant. When the press got word of this, it caused an outcry and the Mayor called a press conference, saying he didn’t think the gay community would receive a grant.

Names Dan Reardon (Main) BE [n79.338] D.R. Reardon (altName) BE [n75.136]
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Associated Organizations Organization: Speak Easy Gayline (Coordinator)

BCE [n75.136]

Organization: Moose Jaw Gay Community Centre (Founder)

BCE [n79.338]