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Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill was a chairman of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and later advised Toronto’s committee on community and race relations. He published works on human rights and black history, and was a member of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. When he was asked to investigate and report publicly on ways to improve relations between gay Torontonians and the police by the Toronto City Council, he deliberated for two months and then claimed he was too busy, backing out of the position.

Names Daniel Hill (Main) BE [n73.51] Daniel Grafton Hill (altName)

BE []

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Birth Date 1923/11/23
Birth Place Independence
Death Date 2003/06/26
Death Place
Occupations Director of the Human Rights Commission (ON) Government
1962 - 1971

Orders of Merit Officer of the Order of Canada (1999-10-21) Order of Ontario (1993)
Associated People
James Walker, "Daniel Grafton Hill," The Canadian Encyclopedia, 21 February 2008,

Associated Organizations Organization: Ontario Human Rights Commission (Director)
1962 - 1971

Organization: Ontario Human Rights Commission (Chairperson)

BCE [n73.51]