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Graham Jackson

Graham Jackson published his collection of dance criticism in a book called ‘Dance As Dance’ in 1978. He cowrote the play “Time In a Dark Room,” which was performed at the Toronto Dance Theatre in March 1979. In 1980 he privately printed a book of stories entitled “Not Really by Chance.”

Names Graham Jackson (Main) BE [n78.23]
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Graham Jackson on VIAF
Identities Gay
BG [n75.116]
Occupations Writer

Playwright Theatre
1970/02/04 - 1971/03/13

Dance Critic Critic

“For the Press,” Body Politic, no. 49 (1979), p. 22

Associated Organizations Organization: University of Toronto Homophile […] (Member)

BCE [n70.9]

Associated Periodicals The Body Politic (Critic)

“For the Press,” Body Politic, no. 49 (1979), p. 22