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J.P. Connell

J.P. Connell was Deputy Revenue Minister in Ottawa in 1977. He sent a letter to the Body Politic in the summer of 1977 saying that the the book Men Loving Men had been classified as “immoral and indecent” by Canada Customs. The books were to be burned, despite similar explicit guides already existing for homosexuals.

Names J.P. Connell (Main)
BE [n77.178] James Peter Connell (altName)

BE []

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Birth Date 1926
Birth Place County,NS/
Death Date 2012/10/01
Death Place,ON/
Occupations Deputy Secretary (Personnel Policy) at the Treasury Board of Canada Government
1974 - 1981

Director of Personnel for Transport Canada Government

Deputy Minister National Revenue (Customs and Excise) Government

Associated Organizations (Member)

BCE [n77.178]