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Jack Volrich

Jack Volrich was mayor of Vancouver in the 70s. In 1977 he called for the closing of clubs that “cater to the homosexual crowd” and publicly supported the police crackdown on the city’s gay community. During the 1978 Gay Week he refused to meet with representatives of the gay community because he claimed to be too busy.

Names Jack Volrich (Main) BE [n77.125] John Jacob Volrich (altName)

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Birth Date 1928/02/27
Birth Place,BC/
Death Date 2010/05/31
Occupations Lawyer

Mayor, Vancouver Politician
1976 - 1980

Alderman, Vancouver Politician
1972 - 1976

Associated Organizations Elector's Action Movement (TEAM)/ (Founder)
[1960] Elector's Action Movement (TEAM)/ (President)