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John Argue

John Argue was a prominent gay rights activist during the liberation movement. In April 1978 he was fired from his position as a lifeguard at a Toronto public school because of his open homosexuality. He was a chairman of the NDP Gay Caucus, a member of Gay Lobby, and represented the Coalition for Gay Rights in Ontario and the Gay Alliance toward Equality. Argue spoke at hearings, broadcasts, and meetings. In 1979, he sent a letter to the Toronto Board of Education on behalf of five gay organizations requesting that a Gay Liaison Committee be established.

Names John B. Argue (Main) BE [n75.177]
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Activist [Yes - Pro]
Identities Gay
B [n75.173]

G [ISBN:0919888321]

Occupations Journalist
1975 - 1975/10/22

Swimming Instructor Instructor - 1978/04/27


Associated Organizations Organization: New Democratic Party (Member)


Organization: Gay Lobby (Founder)

BCE [n78.51]

Organization: Toronto Board of Education (Employee) - 1978/04/27

BDE [n78.178]

Organization: Toronto Board of Education (Gay Liaison)

BCE [n78.416] (Member)

BCE [n81.51]

Associated Periodicals The Body Politic (Journalist)

BCE [n75.173]

Varsity (Journalist)

BCE [n75.177]