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John Duggan

He was a member of Gays of Ottawa, and his activism challenged the city (and the CBC) to stop limiting the gay community’s access to spaces and services, such as event spaces and radio time. Duggan and the manager of Club Ottawa, John Harnick (#JHARN), met with police representatives in June 1981 because the community had begun to fear that police would raid the club. He was a 2005 Inductee into the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives National Portrait Collection. He created Pink Triangle Services in Ottawa and is the founder of the Abiwin Housing Co-op.

Names John Duggan (Main)
BE [n78.49] J. Duggan (altName)
BE [n76.187]
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Birth Date 1949
Birth Place
Activist [Yes - Pro]
Identities Gay

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Associated Organizations (Member)
1974 (President)
1979 - 1980

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BCE [n78.241]