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John R. Cartwright

John R. Cartwright was a Chief Justice in the Supreme Court of Canada. In the case of Everett George Kilppert, in November 1867, he made the dissenting suggestion that the courts should dismiss Klippert’s sentence of preventative detention and clarify the laws surrounding homosexuality.

Names John R Cartwright (Main) BE [n67.16] John Robert Cartwright (altName)

BE []

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Birth Date 1895/03/23
Birth Place Toronto
Death Date 1979/11/24
Occupations Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Judicial
1967/09/01 - 1970/03/23

Orders of Merit Companion of the Order of Canada (1970-06-26)
Associated Organizations Organization: Supreme Court of Canada (Member)
1967/09/01 - 1970/03/23