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John Watkins

John Watkins joined Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs in 1946, and was Canada’s ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1954 to 1956. Years later, Canadian intelligence suspected Watkins of having homosexual relations in the USSR and viewed him as a security threat. On Oct. 12, 1964, after 27 days of interrogation, he died of a heart attack while under questioning. The fatal interrogation was part of the RCMP’s Operation Rockbottom.

Names John Watkins (Main) BE [n64.37] John Benjamin Clark Watkins (altName)

BE []

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Birth Date [1902]
Birth Place Norval
Death Date 1964/10/12
Death Place
Identities Homosexual

BG [], [“John Watkins: Dead at ‘Rockbottom’,” Body Politic, no. 81 (1982), p. 14]

Occupations Canadian Ambassador to the Soviet Union Government
1954 - 1956