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John Wilson

John Wilson was a founding leader of Toronto Gay Action and the provincial affairs coordinator of Gay Alliance Toward Equality (GATE) Toronto. He also contributed to periodicals including Labor Challenge, the Body Politic, and Gay Rising.

Names John Wilson (Main)
BE [n75.28]
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Activist [Yes - Pro]
Occupations Journalist
1971/08/23 - 1976/01

Associated Organizations (Chairperson)

“Pay Racing Commission costs, court orders bankrupt Damien,” Body Politic, no. 49 (1979), p. 11 (Coordinator - Provincial affairs)

BCE [n74.86] (Leader)
1971/06/27 - 1973

BCDE [n71.55]

Associated Periodicals (Journalist)

BCE [n72.21] (Journalist)
1971/08/23 - 1972/02/14

BCE [n71.65], D [n72.21] (Journalist)
1975/09 - 1976/01

BDE [n75.35], C [n75.144]