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Karl John Roestad

Karl John Roestad was a convicted sexual offender who was sentenced to life in prison in 1971 for sexual misconduct with over 20 young boys and girls.

Names Karl John Roestad (Main) BE [n74.175] John Roestad (altName)

BE [“Sex Offender may Never Leave Prison,” The Globe and Mail, 14 November 1983, p. 15]

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Birth Date 1932
Death Date [2003/07/25]
Death Place
Charges Toronto
Indecent assault
Indefinite prison time
[1971/03/15] - 1974/07/30

ABCEFG [n71.32], D [n74.131]

Preventive Detention
He underwent behavior therapy, which includes orgasmic reconditioning and aversion conditioning

“The Roestad Case,” Body Politic, no. 7 (1973), p. 14
“Pedophile Indefinitely Jailed Suffers Aversion Therapy,” Body Politic, no. 15 (1974), p. 7

Associated People

Lloyd Graburn
Occupational - 3/15/1971
Event: March 15 Toronto Karl John Roestad […]