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Margaret Campbell

Margaret Campbell was a lawyer, judge, Liberal Member of Parliament in Toronto, and supporter of the gay liberation movement. In 1977 she brought forward a private member’s bill to amend the Ontario Human Rights Code to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. After the 1981 bathhouse raids, she was on of many prominent people who called for an independent inquiry to be started. During her career she helped women who had been victimized by violence, those affected by poverty, and was inducted into the order of Canada in 1982.

Names Margaret Campbell (Main)
BE [n73.34] Margaret Fasken Baird Campbell (altName)

BE []

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Birth Date 1912/12/15
Birth Place[TOR]/
Death Date 1999/04/19
Occupations MPP (LIB-St.George) Politician
1973/03/04 - 1975/12/03

“Getting into Getting Sex,” Body Politic, no 123 (1978), p. 14

Orders of Merit Member of the Order of Canada (1982-12-20)
Associated People

Associated Organizations (Member)
notAfter(1973/03/04) - 1975/12/03

BC [n73.34], DE [n75.212]