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Melinda McCracken

Melinda McCracken was a Winnipeg-based author and journalist. She contributed to periodicals including Macleans, the Globe and Mail, and Chatelaine. She is author of the book Memories Are Made of This: What it was Like to Grow Up in the Fifties (1975).

Names Melinda McCracken (Main) BE [n69.15]
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Birth Date 1940/06/01
Birth Place Winnipeg
Death Date 2002
Occupations Writer


Associated Organizations Organization: Manitoba Arts Council (Member)

Organization: Manitoba Film Classification Board (Member)

Organization: Manitoba Writers' Guild (Member)

Organization: Payment for Public Use Committee (Member)

Organization: The Canada Council (Member)

Organization: Women and Words (Member)

Organization: The Writers' Union of Canada (Member)

Associated Periodicals The Globe and Mail, The Globe Magazine (Critic)

The Globe and Mail, The Globe Magazine (Editor)

Chatelaine (Journalist)

The Globe and Mail, The Globe Magazine (Journalist)

Toronto Daily Star; Toronto Star (Columnist)

Maclean's (Journalist)

Star Weekly (Journalist)

The Montrealer (Journalist)

Weekend Magazine ([Copy writer])

Winnipeg Free Press (Columnist)
1962 - 1964

Winnipeg Free Press ()
1961 - 1962