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Alain Bouchard

Alain Bouchard wrote about homosexual life in Québec. On July 15, 1979, he was kicked out of a disco called Le Zodiac because he was dancing with another man, Levi Bérubé. They filed a complaint with the Québec Human Rights Commission. In April 1980 Bouchard began a campaign to persuade the government of Québec to nominate an openly gay commissioner to the Québec Human Rights Commission (QHRC). Bouchard also organized the first symposium on homosexuality held in Québec with Service d’éducation et de consultation sur l’homosexualité (Homosexuality Education and Consultation Service), and the symposium hosted almost 300 delegates.

Names Alain Bouchard (Main) BE [n77.2]
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Birth Date 1945
Occupations Writer

Associated Places Le Zodiac (Patron)

ABCEFGH [n79.207]

Associated Periodicals Gai(e)s du Québec: Bulletin […] (Journalist)

BCE [n77.287]

Club Contact (Journalist)

BCE [n77.327]