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Bromley Armstrong

Bromley Armstrong immigrated to Canada from Jamaica in 1947. He was an Ontario Human Rights Commissioner and was elected director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, despite a scandal in 1977 in which homophobic articles appeared in his newspaper “The Islander”. In response to the scandal, he stated “As a newspaper publisher I did not, and I will not, limit free expression of opinion in the pages of The Islander…” He stressed the need for sexual orientation protections in human rights legislation and offered his support to meet this goal. He was an important figure in Toronto’s history of race relations, and he founded the Jamaican Canadian Association, the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, the Toronto Black Business and Professional Association, and the Canadian Ethnocultural Council.

Names Bromley Armstrong (Main) BE [n77.157]
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Birth Date 1926
Birth Place Jamaica
Activist Yes
Identities Jamaican

BG [“Bromley L. Armstrong,” Harmony Movement, 2015,]

Occupations Publisher
1937 - 1977

Associated Organizations Organization: Ontario Human Rights Commission (Member)

BE [n77.157]

Organization: Canadian Civil Liberties Association (Director)

BCE [n78.244]

Associated Periodicals The Islander (Publisher)
1937 - 1977