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Claire Hoy

Claire Hoy studied political science and journalism at Ryerson from 1961-1964. He became a columnist for the Toronto Sun, and frequently published inflammatory homophobic pieces. After the murder of Emanuel Jaques he was among the journalists who blamed the death on gay activists. He wrote that gays “want to spread their message, to sign up converts, to get into the school system and preach.” In November 1978 he catalyzed the negative public response to the Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto’s staff association bargaining committee seeking to include protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation in its union contract. Hoy’s column resulted in a deluge of phone calls, and the union withdrew the clause from its demands.

Names Claire Hoy (Main) BE [n77.218]
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Birth Date 1940
Birth Place Brockville
Activist Yes - Anti
Identities Canadian

BG [“Hoy, Claire, 1940-,” Canadian Archival Information Network, n.d.,]

Occupations Columnist
1975 - 1984

“Hoy, Claire, 1940-,” Canadian Archival Information Network, n.d.,


Associated People

Michael Cassidy
Event: December 9–10 Toronto The second […]

Associated Periodicals Toronto Sun (Journalist)

BCE [n77.218]

Toronto Sun (Columnist)

BCE [n77.298]