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Daniel Cappon

Daniel Cappon was a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto. In 1965 he published a book that argued that there were no homosexuals, “only people with homosexual problems” which could be cured. In 1968 during an address to the Ontario College of Family Physicians he stated that eighty percent of homosexuals who seek professional treatment are helped, and half of these are cured. In 1973 Cappon participated in a debate on homosexuality on CBC radio, where he warned that homosexuals were dangerous because they attracted others to homosexuality. In October 1973, Cappon wrote an article entitled ‘The Homosexual Hoax: this aberration is not a right’ and generated a great deal of negative response.

Names Daniel Cappon (Main) BE [n65.1]
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Birth Date 1921/06/06
Birth Place England
Death Date 2002
Identities English

BG [“Inventory of the Daniel Cappon fonds,” CLARA THOMAS ARCHIVES, n.d.,]


BG [“Inventory of the Daniel Cappon fonds,” CLARA THOMAS ARCHIVES, n.d.,]

Occupations Writer


Professor HigherEducation
1968/10/09 - 1971/04/17

Psychiatrist MedicalHealth

“News of the Gay Toronto Roast Cappon,” Body Politic, no. 7 (1973), p. 25

Associated Places University of Toronto (Employee)
1968/10/09 - 1971/04/17

ABCEFGH [n68.20], D [n71.44]

Associated Periodicals Toronto Daily Star; Toronto Star (Journalist)

BCE [n73.17]