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David Crombie

David Crombie was a teacher, a politician, and mayor of Toronto from 1973-1978. He became the first chancellor of Ryerson Polytechnic University. He was a member of the Progressive Conservative Party as a member of parliament. During his mayorship he dealt with tensions arising from the murder of Emanuel Jaques and regarding the state of Yonge Street.

Names David Crombie (Main) BE [n73.81]
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Birth Date 1936/04/24
Birth Place Toronto
Occupations Mayor, Toronto Politician
1972 - 1978

“David Crombie,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, n.d.,

MP (PC-Toronto Rosedale) Politician

Lecturer in Political Science and Urban Affairs, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute HigherEducation

Director of Student Affairs at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute HigherEducation
1966 - 1971

Orders of Merit Officer of the Order of Canada (2004-05-13) Member of the Order of Ontario (2011)
Associated Places Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (Employee)

“David Crombie,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, n.d.,

Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (Employee)
1966 - 1971

Associated Organizations Organization: Civic Action Party (Founder)

“David Crombie,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, n.d.,

Organization: Liberal-Conservative Party […] (Member)

BCE [n78.336]