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Emanuel Jaques

Emanuel Jaques was a Portuguese-Canadian shoeshine boy who was raped and murdered when he was 12-years-old in Toronto in 1977. His body was found on the roof of Charlie’s Angels, a Yonge Street body-rub parlour. 1,500 people attended Jaques’ funeral. Saul David Betesh, Werner Gruener, Robert Wayne Kribs, and Josef Woods were charged with his murder. The brutal murder led to public outcry to “clean up” Yonge Street as well as anti-gay backlash; a number of homophile organizations in Toronto received bomb and dead threats.

Names Emanuel Jaques (Main) BE [n77.212]
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Birth Date 1964/10/08
Birth Place,Portugal/
Death Date 1977/07/28
Death Place
Identities Portuguese
BG [n77.212] Canadian
BG [n77.212]