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Garnet Plum

He was a found-in at the Pisces Spa. During his trial, on 29 October 1981, he aruged that the baths were not offensive to the community. The presiding judge R.E. Hyde (#RHYD) ruled that community standards did not apply to the case, and found Plum guilty.

Names Garnet Plum (Main) BE [n81.372]
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Charges Edmonton
Being a found-in in a common bawdy house
$250 Fine - 1981/10/29

ABDEFG [n81.372]

Associated People

R.E. Hyde
Legal - 10/29/1981
Event: October 29 Edmonton Pisces Spa […]

Associated Places Pisces Spa (Cruiser)

ABCEFGH [n81.372]