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Harold Walsh

Harold Walsh was the manager of the gay club Aquarius in Montréal. He was arrested on charges of running a bawdy house in 1975 after the club was raided by police on February 4 of that year.

Names Harold Walsh (Main) BE [n75.26]
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Occupations Club Manager FoodAndBeverage - notAfter(1976/04/25)


“How a Steambath Becomes A Bawdyhouse: ‘Scanty Evidence’ and ‘Undercover’ Agents,” Body Politic, no. 38 (1977), p. 7

Charges Montreal
Keeping a common bawdy-house
Two years

ABCEFG [n75.26]

Associated Places Sauna Aquarius baths (Manager) - 1975/02/04

ABDEFGH [n75.26]