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Jack Ackroyd

Jack Ackroyd was Chief of the Toronto Police from 1980 to 1984. Ackroyd was immersed in controversy for his role in the gay bathhouse raids of Feb. 5, 1981 (known as Operation Soap) which saw nearly 300 men arrested. Weeks after the raid, he delivered a report stating that police had not used excessive force in the raids, despite outcry from gay groups. Following a report on the relationship between the Toronto police and the gay community, in January 1982 Ackroyd delivered a statement which said that “Being homosexual [was] not a reason to deny anyone the right to be recognized as a legitimate member of the community.”

Names Jack Ackroyd (Main)
BE [n72.17] John Wesley Ackroyd (altName)

BE [“Deaths: Ackroyd, John Wesley,” Toronto Star, 2 October 1992, p. D10.]

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Birth Date [1925]
Death Date 1992/09/30
Death Place
Occupations Deputy Chief of Police Police

Associated People
Romantic - 1992/09

“Deaths: Ackroyd, John Wesley,” Toronto Star, 2 October 1992, p. D10.

Associated Organizations (Member)

BCE [n72.17]