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Jean Drapeau

Jean Drapeau was the mayor of Montreal for 29 years. His major accomplishments as mayor were pushing for the 1967 World Exposition and the 1976 Summer Olympics. Drapeau was known for his “morality” campaign in the 1970s. On 8 Nov. 8, 1978 a protest was held by around twenty-five gay men and lesbians, calling for an end to police harassment and urging citizens to vote against Drapeau in the election to be held four days later. He was re-elected with 61 percent of the vote in his favour.

Names Jean Drapeau (Main) BE [n76.115]
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Birth Date 1916/02/18
Birth Place Montreal
Death Date 1999/08/12
Death Place
Occupations Mayor, Montréal Politician
1960 - 1986

Mayor, Montréal Politician
1960 - 1986

BCD []

Orders of Merit Companion of the Order of Canada (1967-07-06)
Associated Organizations Party/ (Founder)

Organization: Montreal Urban Community (MUC) (President)