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Jonathan Ned Katz

Jonathan Ned Katz was an American historian and playwright who focused on same-sex themes. He first used a pseudonym in the early draft of his work ‘Coming Out! A Documentary about Gay Life and Liberation’ (1975) and then decided to use his real name. He followed this with the 1976 publishing of ‘Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A.’

Names Jonathan Ned Katz (Main) BE [n76.122]
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Birth Date 1938
Birth Place,NY/
Identities Gay

BG []

Occupations TextileDesigner
1960 - 1976



B [n76.122]

BC []

Historian of LGBT and Heterosexual American history Historian


Associated Organizations Organization: Gay Academic Union Umbrella (Founder)

Organization: Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies […] (Founder)

Associated Periodicals Press-New York Times/ (Editor)