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Michael Harcourt

Michael Harcourt was mayor of Vancouver and the 30th premier of British Columbia. He was a supporter of gay rights, attending lesbian/gay community events and acknowledging police harassment of the gay community.

Names Michael Harcourt (Main)
BE [n74.197] Michael Franklin Harcourt (altName)

BE []

Mike Harcourt (altName)

BE []

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Birth Date 1943/01/06
Birth Place
Occupations Alderman Politician


Mayor, Vancouver Politician
1980/11/15 - 1986


Premier, British Columbia Politician
1991/11/05 - 1995/11

Orders of Merit Officer of the Order of Canada (2012-11-19)
Associated Organizations (Member)
1987 (Director)
1969 - 1971 (Founder)