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Roger Chamberland

Roger Chamberland was found criminally responsible in 1977 for the death of François Couture. Chamberland claimed that Couture had sexually assaulted him, leading Chamberland to strike Couture with a hammer.

Names Robert Chamberland (Main)
BE [n65.2]
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Birth Date [1956]
Death Date 2003
Occupations Writer
1984 - 1987

Professor, Director of the Department of Literature, Laval University HigherEducation

“Hommage: Roger Chamberland (1956-2003),” Lettres québécoises, 2003,

Found criminally responsible

ABEF [n77.63]

Associated People
Social - 2003

Associated Places Université Laval (Employee)

“Hommage: Roger Chamberland (1956-2003),” Lettres québécoises, 2003,