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Vivian Rakoff

Dr. Vivian Rakoff was a Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. He organized the Symposium on Sexual Preference and Sexual Identity at the University of Toronto in October 1975.

Names Vivian Rakoff (Main)
BE [n75.164] Vivian Morris Rakoff (altName)

BE []

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Genders Male

BF [n75.164]

Occupations Professor of Adult Psychiatry and Health Systems HigherEducation
notAfter(1975/10) (

Psychiatrist MedicalHealth

Orders of Merit Member of the Order of Canada (2015-05-07)
Associated Places Clarke Institute for Psychiatry (Psychiatrist-in-Chief) (

University of Toronto (Employee)

ABCEFGH [n75.164]

Associated Organizations (Founder) (CEO) (Psychiatrist-in-Chief)