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The Barracks

Name The Barracks (Bathhouse)
Same As
Associated Place
56 Widmer St
Related Persons Arthur Whitaker (Owner)

Source mentions that he ‘joined Peter Maloney in building The Barracks and the Richmond Street Health Emporium’. Does this make him a co-owner?

George Hislop (Owner)

“Operation Soap: who were the conspirators?” he Body Politic, no 107 (1984),p 11

Article doesn’t say that he was owner but was charged in connection with. In Body Politic 01 Apr 80 p17 ‘Once Upon A Time’ it says he is a ‘keeper’ of the bathhouse. In Body Politic 01 Jan 85 ‘Orwell was Wrong’ the charges was dismissed.

George Hislop (Owner)

“George Hislop,” vertical files, Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, Toronto

This article says he is ten per cent owner

Peter Maloney (Owner)

ABCEFG [n74.183]